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Advancing the future of tax planning

  • Tax planning is critical to your financial success. There is nothing you can do with your money that won’t appear on your 1040 tax return.  Our tax mapping tools can let you see the impact of your financial decisions before you act on them. We are able to strategize choices and plan forward based on any tax legislation changes that occur each year.  This makes tax planning more consistent and efficient.
  • Instant scenario analysis to keep you in the driver seat of your tax situation now, and well into the future.
  • This powerful tool allows us to immediately identify key income break points highlighting forward tax planning opportunities like Roth conversions , tax-efficient withdrawals, charitable giving and much more
  • Don’t be an accidental philanthropist! Stop just reporting your tax history, and plan forward with us.

Risk Mitigation

      • Risk management begins with risk assessment. Our assessment software is
        award-winning technology that quantifies your acceptable levels of risk and
        reward. Using this tool, we ensure that your portfolio defines your investment
        goals and expectations.
      • Together we can take the guesswork out of your financial future. Creating a
        sense of clarity and calmness no matter what the market brings..
      • Investment risk is not the only risk we’ll face together. Our TRIPP process
        will help you mitigate risk by identifying potential risk in other areas of your life.
        What if the markets dump? What if it is a sustained dump? How can we secure our
        retirement? We consider outcomes while appropriately mitigating your risk and
        still trying to optimize your return.

Income Engineering

      • Engineering your retirement income plan is an extensive, intensive, and incredibly important part of our TRIPP Process.  Reaching your most desired retirement destination requires a thorough knowledge of all Managing portfolios in a tax efficient manner.
      • Our income engineering tools are integrated with our tax planning and risk mitigation tools, allowing your team to build a sustainable, holistic retirement income plan. 
      • The KFG Income Engineering suite is a robust toolkit built to include estate planning techniques, portfolio assessment, personal finance best practices, health expense, budget creation, home equity strategies and more.

Principal Preservation and Planning Your Legacy

      • You have worked hard for your money.  Principal preservation speaks for itself.  Our KFG suite of success planning tools works seamlessly with our TRIPP Process to keep you on track and focused.
      • Our team partners with you every step of the way.
      • Our services include a private client vault to keep important documents available to you whenever you need them, from wherever you are.
      • We look forward to a conversation with you